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CAIP Mapping

Monday, August 27, 2007

Simulacra, Hengdian

Forbidden City, Beijing
Forbidden City, Hengdian World Studio, Zhejiang Province (the mountains are kind of a giveaway)
Another view of the Forbidden City, Beijing
and the ersatz Forbidden City, Hengdian World Studio, Zhejiang Province

"NPR reports:
In just 10 years, Hengdian [World Studio] has transformed itself from a poverty-stricken farming village to a collection of replica palaces, temples and historical streets, open to film crews, often for free."

"These aren't just replicas, they're full-size reproductions. It's an amazing and terrifying verisimilitude. Even more so because China's very real history is being projected onto the structures themselves -- really just facades and empty shells -- outside the context of the in-film world.
In China - where old buildings are torn down in the blink of an eye - many visitors say they haven't come for the movie glamour, but to learn about their country's past - from the fake buildings."

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[source: life without buildings & Wiki]

Sunday, August 5, 2007

1,000 Person World’s Largest Restroom

"The World’s Largest Restroom is in Chong Qing, China and oddly enough, is made from all recycled waste and materials.
Some urinals are uniquely shaped, including ones inside open crocodile mouths and several that are topped by the bust of a woman resembling the Virgin Mary.
As seen below the design of the restroom is quite unique with an Egyptian theme and elaborate decoration.

It can support as many as 1,000 people using the restroom at the same time. Additionally it offers radio and TV to entertain users of this mammoth restroom.
Soon the bathroom will apply for a Guinness World Record.

Video and AP story can be found here and more pictures here."