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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Foreigner Street洋人街 @ Chongqing

Chinatown gate at Foreigner Street (London Style)

I was quite speechless seeing this Foreigner Street. Strictly speaking, it is a theme park, just a pedestrian street by the river, but fairy-tale like. It has everything, and everything is with each other: St Antonio River with 32 world-famous bridges, Liberty Statue on Titanic, even a Chinatown gate (London style), Golden Reception Hall, Dutch style, Chinese style, Sphinx, and the world-biggest public bathroom with 1000 capacity, etc. This is the extreme of simulacra in China, quite not well educated intuitively application. The collage/montage is very colorful and vivid for local people and some tourism.
Some slogans are quite remarkable. “God bless Foreigner Street.” “Similar Harmonious Society 仿和谐社会.” “Respect other people’s property.” “If you are Titanic, the iceberg will sink.” “Lenin says, no rest, no work.” Etc. everything could happen here.
I cannot wait to visit there as well.

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Island of the Blest三仙山 @ Penglai蓬莱

A new fake antiquity will be open to public in Penglai, Shandong Province, in May 2008. It is the famous legend of Island of the Blest 三仙山 in the story of Eight Immortals 八仙, who lived in Penglai Mountain Island. This new legendary island is a tourism park, run by “Eight Immortals Tourism Co., Ltd Penglai Shangdong”. It is also called “the Heaven in the Sublunar”.

It looks really fairy from photos without the neighboring residential area. I’m looking forward to visit it soon.
More images are here.

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