CAIP Mapping

CAIP Mapping

Thursday, October 30, 2008

fake Water Cube in Chongqing

This is a new Water Cube at Han Yu Rd 汉渝路 in Chongqing. It looks like a bar. Apparently it got inspiration from Water Cube in Beijing.
Here is video. (just in case it doesn't show up here.)

shanghaiist and picasa]

Monday, October 6, 2008

Herzog and de Meuron 's woosaaaaah

On a cooking competetion, one of the contestants shows her masterpiece named BIRD NEST which made of eggs tomatoes and noodles.

On a hairstyle show, the hairstyle designer shows his piece proudly.


Kids are asked to make paper models in their class as homework


a basket made like the BIRD NEST

BIRD NEST Teapot with very high price.

BIRD NEST lights.

city sculpture in Nanjing.

City sculture in Tiananmen Square

Another city sculpture

BIRD NEST Luxory made of silver which is now worth at least 5 million RMB

A man who loves sports wearing a Olympic hat made by himself on a swimming gathering.

Well, Rem Koolhaas has done a lot to transform his CCTV building into cultural recreation by making all kinds of daily products. However, He would never imagine that Herzog and de Meuron's so-called BIRD NEST has been transformed totally into simulacra by the whole Chinese society without any effort by these two constructing approach architects.

[via Netease]