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CAIP Mapping

Thursday, June 14, 2007

5-star Hotel in a Chinese Town

"The Beijing Laffitte Chateau Hotel is located in Beiqijia Town, Changping District along the Wenyu River. The hotel is only 15 kilometers from the Beijing Capital Airport and 10 kilometers north of the Olympic Village. Hotel Laffitte is five-star hotel and is designed for high-class business events and vacations. The chateau complex encompasses 24,000 square-meters and consists of a main building, designed as a castle, flanked by two other castles. A French, Duke-style veins parterre is located at the front of the chateau. A wine culture center is located behind the main castle. The complex is surrounded by a man-made river, trees, lawns, flower gardens and vineyards, for an overall attractive environment. The 10,000 square-meter wine culture plaza, splendid banquet halls and unique dining rooms are excellent places for holding performances, wine parties and variety shows as well as major meetings and weddings." ----The Beijing Laffitte Chateau Hotel
[source bjlaffitte-hotel and daqi]

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