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CAIP Mapping

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fang Yuan by C.L.LEE

Fang Yuan (方圆)Tower, literally means Square and Circle Tower, is located in city center of Shenyang, a northen city of China.
The designer is C.L.LEE from Taiwan who is famous for designing TAIPEI 101 Tower. He seems to have design lots of landmark buildings throughout China. Most of them are in secondary Chinese cities like Shenyang.
Since the circle and a square hole is the shape of tranditional Chinese money, some of the comments from public media and non-architecture voice said this is an vulgar architecture representation, and it is not good for appearance of the city, coz some visitors might consider Shenyang as a city of materialism when they see this building.
However, this building was chosen as the top-ten best building of Shenyang by the local government recently.

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